Winterize Your Kia with This Helpful Advice

The weather's changing here in the Garden State. Soon, snow will fly. That means it's the right time to get your new Kia ready for the coldest months. Take it from our experts here at Liberty Kia -- there are a few important things every New Jersey driver should do to prepare.

For one, you'll need that reliable stopping power when the roads get slick and drifted. So, you'll want to check the status of your brakes and tires. If you hear a squeak or crunch when coming to a halt, if your rubber and treads are worn, torn, and separated, or even if you're at the wrong tire pressure, it can mean a hazardous drive.

Secondly, Check your exterior lighting, from head and daytime running to tail and positioning. If there's debris pileup, yellowing, or fogginess, if a turn signal bulb's blown, or if any others are out, be sure to clean them in the former case and replace them in the latter. Better excellent or even good visibility when you need it than none at all.

Next, make sure your heater warms things up and your defroster gets rid of ice buildup. Fog-free windows and a toasty cabin can mean the difference between weathering a breakdown in comfort and getting left out (or, should we say, in) in the cold waiting for a tow.

Check your battery to make sure it's not weak. If it's at a trickle in the fall, it could be dead by winter, and the better its condition, the more likely you are to beat any cold-weather startup issues. But get a little closer. If you see terminal or cable corrosion, or a loose end, get that battery replaced on the double.

Get a good look under your hood. Leaks, cracks, loose clamps, spongy, brittle, or broken hoses, frayed drive belts, the wrong kind of engine noises, anything else that may seem "off" -- these should all be grounds for getting an inspection. Plus, check out your oil and air filters, coolant, and other fluids and levels. Dirty oil, an oil change or transmission, brake, or power steering fluid flush coming due, discolored antifreeze, low washer solution, or even that you can't see light through your filter are all indicators that service and maintenance need to be done. It means the difference between driving in a winter wonderland and staying in and letting it snow.

Of course, our expert auto service technicians are here at Route 17 South and ready to help, whatever the need, and our on-site center packs a full complement of the tools and tech to get the work done right the first time. Plus, as we use only genuine Kia auto parts and accessories, you can rest assured it'll be of quality unlike other local repair shops. Make an appointment here online or stop by Liberty Kia here on Route 17 South today -- we'll be glad to ready your vehicle for the season!

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