Give your Kia a DIY spa day!

We know it isn’t fun to clean out your car during the cold winter, but now that nice-weather weekends are more regular we suggest taking 30-60 minutes to clean up. You'd be amazed by how much a DIY detailing and car organizing session can help you fall in love with your vehicle again and make it feel like new.

  • The Decluttering Step: it's time to assess what's inside your vehicle and take out old drive-through bags and candy wrappers, clothes that've "magically appeared" out back, and anything from your winter safety kit. Only keep what's essential in your vehicle and organize it in the trunk with a Genuine Kia Organizer or even a clean box or plastic tote from your house.
  • The Vacuum: while you still have energy, take care of the most challenging task, which is vacuuming out the car. You can do this at home with an extension cord or go to a local car wash or gas station to use their equipment. Make sure you take out the carpet or all-weather floor mats and get into all the cracks and crevices. Yes, you'll be amazed by all the salt and sand you've tracked in over the last few months.
  • The Wipe Down: next you'll want to wipe down surfaces with either a microfiber towel or even those Swiffer dry pads. Focus on the dashboard (aka: dust-collecting central), the touchscreen, and the cupholders. You might want to employ a lightly wetted towel and gentle soap to get up anything sticky; coffee spills happen! Leave the more advanced solutions and fluids to the detailing professionals, though.
  • The Car Wash: hand washing your car is always the best option, but if you don't have a hose don't fret. Go to the nearest car wash (touch-free if possible) and give your car the most expensive service you can afford. Also try to get a setting that'll clean the salt off the undercarriage! Once you have a clean vehicle inside and out, we bet you'll feel lighter and enjoy your commute even more.

After those tasks are taken care of, make time to schedule an appointment for spring mechanical service.

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