Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up

No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, it may still need a tune-up from time to time. Depending on whether your vehicle runs on older non-electronic or electronic ignition, or the new fuel injection system, that period can last from every 10,000 to every 100,000 miles. But when is the right time for a tune-up for your vehicle?

We outlined the tell-tale signs that your vehicle may need to come in for maintenance below.

Sign #1 - Your Vehicle Keeps Stalling

If your vehicle stalls a lot, it may signal an issue with worn out spark plugs, issues with the electronic sensing device or the fuel system. It's best to see an auto technician if you are having problems with stalling.

Pro tip:Take note of when your vehicle is stalling - is it hot, cold or is the air conditioner working? These details may help your auto technician determine and resolve the issue quicker.

Sign #2 - Your Engine Sounds Rough When Idling or During Acceleration

You can often determine an early issue with your vehicle just by the sound of the engine. Chances are if your engine over time goes from smooth to rough, it's time for a checkup with an auto technician.

Sign #3 - The Vehicle has Problems Starting

If your vehicle got harder to start over time, that could point to several issues that will need addressing. The issues could range from a weak battery, issues with the ignition system, or a worn-out fuel pump. The problem could also be in the electric system - and it's difficult to know without the help of a professional.

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