As the years go by, your vehicle is going to suffer some wear and tear due to daily driving around Mahwah or Spring Valley, NY. This is perfectly normal, but it is important that you quickly address any problems that may arise. Routine maintenance is also ideal if you would like to prevent issues from occurring.

When you purchase a vehicle from Liberty Kia, serving the Fair Lawn area, we’ll make sure that you understand all of the important maintenance items that you should bring your vehicle in for periodically. We don’t end our relationship with our customers when they drive off our lot with their new vehicle. We want to make sure that we keep your vehicle running smoothly long into the future. There are a number of service items to take into consideration.

Changing Your Oil and Oil Filter

The oil that you use in your vehicle is very important. It contributes to how efficiently and smoothly your engine is running. Depending on the model of Kia that you have, there are different types of oil that you can select from. Our service center technicians can explain the differences further when you bring your vehicle in for an appointment, but you’ll be looking at an oil change once every six months to a year, on average.

Having Your Alignment Adjusted

You can have our service center perform an alignment on your vehicle if you find that it is pulling to one side or you have an uneven wear pattern on your tires. It’s a very affordable and fast procedure, but it helps protect your vehicle and reduces wear on your tires.

Multi-Point Inspection Process

A routine inspection will look at multiple points on your Kia to see how they are functioning and wearing. This is a good opportunity to find out what parts of your vehicle may need repair or service in the very near future. It gives you a bit of time to plan ahead in many cases.

Schedule Your Appointment Online

If you would like to schedule a service appointment for your current Kia vehicle in the Chestnut Ridge, NY area, use the online scheduler provided by Liberty Kia. We’ll help get you on a maintenance and service schedule that will be convenient for you to follow.

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